We work with filmmakers, changemakers, programmers, and funders primarily in the documentary field. Together we leverage the power and potential of storytelling and art.

Our strategy is built by forging meaningful, respectful, and mutually beneficial partnerships that strive to create change at the local, regional, and national level.

We are excited about any project that brings together creativity, justice, and community. Want to work together? Send us an email at team@redowlpartners.com.

Research and Field Building

With our colleagues Will Jenkins and Michon Boston, we’ve conducted 50+ interviews in the last year with organizers, funders and filmmakers about what is working – and what isn’t – in the impact space.

Campaign Strategy and Implementation

We work on campaigns from start to finish, leveraging the unique strengths of each project. Our campaigns are designed and implemented in collaboration with issue-area partners. From strategy to execution, we do and love it all. We implement community screening campaigns and creative distribution solutions, and we evaluate our work using real world metrics including quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Resource and Toolkit Production

We make resources that connect films to the communities that put them to work. These guides and toolkits include event planning tips, discussion prompts, action steps, and resources to help groups facilitate conversation around the film drawing on feedback from issue-area experts, skilled facilitators and scholars.

Resource and toolkit production and distribution for use at community events:

Strategy, Funding and Distribution Consultation

We like to connect with individuals doing incredible things, and collaborate on projects that bring together art and community in the places we love.

Why Red Owl? Our friend Isha Gary-Chari helped us come up with it and we like it.