a tree of life

A Tree of Life

Directed by Trish Adlesic. 

A Tree of Life: The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting is a deeply personal portrait of the survivors, victims, and family members, who share their harrowing first-hand accounts of the shooting’s impact on the community.


abortion helpline, this is lisa

Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa

Directed by Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater and Mike Attie.

At Philly’s abortion helpline, cruel legislation determines who has access to abortion.


anonymous sister

Anonymous Sister

Directed by Jamie Boyle.

When a young woman turns to the camera for refuge, she ends up with a firsthand account of what will become the deadliest man-made epidemic in United States history. Filmed over thirty years, ANONYMOUS SISTER is director, Jamie Boyle’s chronicle of her family’s fall into opioid addiction, providing a poignant and timely study of what it means to experience life in all its beauty and pain.




Directed by Cynthia Lowen. 

BATTLEGROUND is an urgently timely window into the intersection of abortion and politics in America, following three women who lead formidable anti-abortion organizations to witness the influence they wield. As the nation faces the end of Roe, the film also depicts those on the front lines of the fierce fight to maintain access.


belly of the beast

Belly of the Beast

Directed by Erika Cohn. Produced by Angela Tucker, Nicole Docta and Christen Marquez.

An exposé of human rights abuses in women’s prisons, highlighting modern-day eugenics & reproductive injustice.


civil war (or, who do we think we are)

Civil War (or, Who Do We Think We Are)

Directed by Rachel Boynton
Produced by Rachel Boynton and Erika Dilday

Urgent and nuanced, Civil War (or, Who Do We Think We Are) travels across the United States, exploring how Americans tell the story of their Civil War. Filmed from the last year of Obama’s presidency through the present, it interweaves insightful scenes and touching interviews filmed North and South, painting a uniquely crafted, multi-faceted portrait of the American psyche and the deep roots of its turbulent times. With delicacy and strength, subtlety and determination, Civil War portrays a nation in denial, haunted by an embittered past and the stories it refuses to tell.


the command center to bring women home

The Command Center to Bring Women Home

Directed by Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich.

In collaboration with filmmakers, an imagined space is run by formerly incarcerated women for comfort and healing.


futuro media group

Futuro Media Group

The Futuro Media Group creates multimedia content for and about the new American mainstream in the service of empowering people to navigate the complexities of an increasingly diverse and connected world.


i am not your hero

I Am Not Your Hero

love & stuff

Love & Stuff

Directed by Judith Helfand.

“How do you live without your mother?” Filmmaker Judith Helfand asks this unbearable question twice: as a daughter caring for her terminally ill mother; as an “old new mom”, single parenting her much-longed-for adopted baby girl at 50+. With gallows humor and lots of heart, this multigenerational love story ultimately asks: what do we really need to leave our children?


no straight lines

No Straight Lines

Directed by Vivian Kleiman.

No Straight Lines tells the story of five scrappy and pioneering cartoonists who depicted everything from the AIDS crisis, coming out, and same-sex marriage, to themes of race, gender, and disability.


no time to fail

No Time to Fail

Directed by Sara Archambault and Margo Guernsey.

Amidst an onslaught of attacks from a sitting President and the deadly threat of a global pandemic, local election administrators work around the clock to secure the vote for their community. Rhode Island’s election teams take center stage in this unprecedented voting adventure.



storm lake

Storm Lake

Co-directed by Jerry Risius and Beth Levison

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Art Cullen and his family fight to unite and inform their Iowan farming community through their biweekly newspaper, The Storm Lake Times—come hell or pandemic.


storming caesars palace

Storming Caesars Palace

Directed by Hazel Gurland-Pooler. 

The film uplifts the story of Ruby Duncan and a band of mothers who launched a revolutionary Black feminist anti-poverty movement in the 1960s & 1970s.


tiktok, boom.

TikTok, Boom.

Directed by Shalini Kantayya

Explore the power and complexity of technology through the lens of TikTok and the Gen Z influencers who know it best.



all skinfolk, ain’t kinfolk

All Skinfolk, Ain’t Kinfolk

Directed by Angela Tucker.

News footage, campaign advertisements and archival audio and video help detail the story of the 2017 mayoral runoff in New Orleans as it comes down to two very different candidates — Desiree Charbonnet and LaToya Cantrell.





Directed by Sam Feder, produced by Amy Schoulder. 

DISCLOSURE is an unprecedented, eye-opening look at transgender depictions in film and television, revealing how Hollywood simultaneously reflects and manufactures our deepest anxieties about gender.


ernie & joe: crisis cops

Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops

Directed by Jenifer McShane.

Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops is an intimate portrait of two Texas police officers who are helping change the way police respond to mental health calls.


harbor from the holocaust

Harbor from the Holocaust

Directed by Violet Du Feng.

The story of nearly 20,000 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II, to the Chinese port city of Shanghai.



into dust

Into Dust

Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel.

INTO DUST tells the extraordinary true story of Perween Rahman, a women who worked tirelessly to protect the rights of Pakistan’s poor, and paid the ultimate price. Set against the backdrop of a global water crisis, Perween’s story highlights the dangers of what can happen when our water starts to run out.


roll red roll

Roll Red Roll

Directed by Nancy Schwartzman.

Roll Red Roll is a true-crime thriller that goes behind the headlines to uncover the deep-seated and social media-fueled “boys will be boys” culture at the root of high school sexual assault in America.


sundance institute documentary film program

Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program

Alongside Will Jenkins and Michon Boston, the Sundance Institute commissioned Red Owl for a research report regarding the landscape of documentary film and impact related to gun violence prevention. Forthcoming in 2021.




Executive produced by Charlotte Mangin and Sandy Rattley.

An innovative series of 26 animated documentary shorts featuring unsung and extraordinary women from the turn of the 20th century who changed America.


water warriors

Water Warriors

Directed and Produced by Michael Premo.

Water Warriors is the story of a community’s successful resistance against the oil and gas industry. When an energy company begins searching for natural gas in New Brunswick, Canada, indigenous and white families unite to drive out the company in a campaign to protect their water and way of life.


youth v. gov

Youth v. Gov

Directed by Christi Cooper.

The story of America’s youth taking on the world’s most powerful government. Since 2015, twenty-one plaintiffs, ages 11 to 22, have been suing the U.S. government over their constitutional rights to a safe climate system.